multiply cam

Here presented a screenshot of Multiply cam. It is default skin. If you dislike this view of Multiply cam download another one here.
As you can see Multiply cam is not just virtual driver for video splitting. Multiply cam also provides common video options like usual video player. The picture seems understand so we just list some features of Multiply cam.

  • Choose almost any video source as a primary video capture device
  • Digital zoom and Digital pan 180°
  • Frame rate from 5 to 30 fps
  • Use any of the wide range of resolutions in client applications: 160x120, 320x240, 640x480, etc
  • Independent video resolution all applications
  • You can disable unused video resolutions to lower the processor load
  • Capturing photo images and providing them as a video source to client applications
  • Basic photo editing of photo images before sending them to client applications

Why i need to use Multiply Cam software?

Multiply cam is software for video splitting. Another words multiply cam is some kind of video splitter or cam splitter. Have you ever needed to split video source (like web cam) to different applications at the same time? With native Windows video options you are not able to multiply video. Multiply cam allows easily multiply video source in video chat or video conference software like Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Skype Video, MSN Messenger, Camfrog, Pal Talk, AOL AIM, etc. and broadcast it. Multiply cam provides a lot of useful features for video splitting and other purposes that can’t leave you cold.
Actually Multiply cam is split video capture driver. All you have to do for video splitting is just install the Multiply cam on your computer, connect it to a video source (web camera, video camera, video file or image file), and connect other applications (video chat, video conference any messenger or video applications) to the Multiply cam virtual device. This cam splitter or cam multiplier looks like several separate video sources connected to your computer.
Multiply cam is known video splitting software that helps people to multiply video among different video applications. Multiply cam is one of the best video splitting software for now.
Do not hesitate. Just download Multiply cam and split video. Multiply cam is totally free.

Download Multiply Cam